How to Jack Up and Level your Shipping Container

How To Jack Up and Level Your Shipping Container with a Bottle Jack

For many people, shipping containers provide basic storage. For others, they provide mobile offices, homes and cabins. Shipping Containers/Sea Cans can be found everywhere these days. No matter what purpose your container serves, one thing is for sure - you need it to be level.

Levelling a sea can may seem easy enough. I mean, you just jack it up... right? Well, not so fast!  Unfortunately, the construction of a container does not provide adequate space to allow a bottle jack to slide under.

But thanks to an new product from Container Modification World, levelling your container with a jack is an ease!

The Twist 'N' Jack Container Lifter (pictured below), is an adapter that allows easy corner jacking on new and used sea cans and shipping container homes and offices.

Jacking a Shipping Container Corner

Container Modification World's Twist 'N' Jack Container Lifter for Jacking Corner of New and Used Sea Cans, Shipping Container Homes **AVAILABLE ON AMAZON
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