Improving Our Steel Stud Framing System: How To Frame A Shipping Container

Hi. I'm Channing McCorriston, The Container Guy. And this video we're going to let you follow along as Will tries out our new steel stud brackets. He's going to take what he learns in the field, bring it back to the engineers, and then they're going to adjust their design if needed and finalize this product so that it is super handy for everyone out there in the public to utilize when they're framing their shipping containers.

So what we've learned from William doing is that we've added these slots for the studs. And so now the, the studs in the corners, they're only going to go here. We're not going to even put a, an angle flashing in the inside corner just so we can get some nice free flowing in here. And the plywood can span that couple inches there. No problem. But we love these these stud brackets and corner casting cover kits. They define the plain of the ceiling. They define how far your wall needs to be away from the sidewalls. And then the corner casting cover deals with the end wall.

So you might notice here, the biggest question that we had was can we figured out how far down we need to be? We figured out how far from the side wall we need to be, but how far does this thing need to be from the end wall? And what we've done is this plain here on the corner casting cover. We want it to perfectly match the edge of this corner post and then this playing here matches this edge of this corner post. So that worked out pretty much perfect. What that's done is it's made the gap between here instead of it being two inches, which is ideal, it's going to be 1.875, which is which is fine. But now we have a nice visual sight line in two places where to install this thing, and you're always going to do it perfectly.

our top stud here holds this nice and straight and I've just slid this thing and I haven't screwed it yet, but it will just screw in right here, go down your bottom tracks. So now we can do this completely backwards. We can frame the ceiling, then work down to the floor. That works great. Sneak peek. We think we have figured out a wooden stud bracket that will mount up here. Let allow you to run a wood two by four so you get some really nice solid ceilings studs. It'll be quite different. And I'm really excited to show you guys, but I just careful what I want to say now because now we're still working on it, but it's going to be super exciting and we might even come up with a way to spray to insulate containers without spray foams. That's super exciting.

I hope this helped here. Watching Williams struggle says One Step Closer. We are going to have another video coming out in the next couple of weeks. It's going to follow along as we build out an entire container every step of the way and that'll be very important for you guys to watch.

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