Installing Strut Channel Framing in a  Shipping Container

Until now, anyone looking to install shelving, electrical panels or other fixtures, had to build wooden framing, weld the framing to the shipping container and/or drive screws through the walls of the sea can. And if self-tapping screws or bolts were protruding from the exterior, it would be considered a safety hazards and render your container unshippable.

That is why Container Modification World has developed the bolt-on Container Strut Mount (CSM) Bracket, a one-of-a-kind solution for mounting strut channels, hassle free, inside any ISO 9910 corrugated shipping container. It is designed and laser cut to fit both side wall and end wall corrugations.

The CSM Brackets can be bolted on, so it does not need to be welded and damage the paint of the container. As well, it does not involve driving screws through the container walls as it is attached to the strut channels.

With these brackets, future add-ons, such as shelving and electrical panels, are a breeze. Struts CANNOT be installed once a container has been spray foam insulated.

Each CSM Bracket includes:

  • One Base Bracket
  • One Angle Bracket
  • Two 3/8″ Bolt, Lock Washer and Flat Washer
  • One 1/4″ Self-Threading Bolt

* Does not include strut channels*


Interior of shipping container that has struts installed.
Csm bracketsFramingStrut channel