The Safe Way to Connect Shipping Containers Together

Container Modification World's first priority is safety. Transporting and stacking Shipping Containers is a potentially dangerous task. Don't settle for anything less than the quality and strength of Container Modification World's line of Bridge Fitting ClampsTwist Locks, and Mounting Plates.

These products will help you safely connect empty or loaded shipping containers to each other.

The Bridge Fitting Clamps are designed to safely and securely connect sea cans side to side or end to end, and are made to fit into container corner castings. Each container requires 4 bridge fittings for safe horizontal flush connections.

The clamps safe working load is 10 tons and are compatible with all ISO containers. They have a hot-dip galvanized finish and drop forged steel hooks. They weight 10.1 lbs/4.6 kg and are 11.5" in length.

The Twist Lock Stacking Pins are used to safely secure containers on top of each other.

This can be locked into place by simply moving the pin in a 90-degree turn, and requires 4 locks per container.

Its double-ended design is used to connect two containers together, and is constructed using high-quality cast steel and is treated with a galvanized finish to ensure durability. (Approval from any classification society.)

Each lock weighs 6.6 kg, and its minimum breaking load tension is 500kN/shear 420kN.





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