24' Office | 2 Toilets, Sink, Water Tank, Pressure System & Septic Tank

In this video we have modified a 40' high cube #shippingcontainer into a 24' office, two bathrooms with toilets, sinks, urinals and a mechanical room that houses a water tank, pressure system & septic tank. For this mod, we strut-strapped the container, installed our windows, doors, and a rubberized flooring for the two bathrooms and mechanical room. The office side is finished with PVC wall panels, desks, baseboard heaters, an A/C heat pump unit, and 4ft light fixtures.

Each bathroom features a residential style pot light, as well as sink, toilet, and urinal, which all get pumped into the rear mechanical room which houses the water and septic tanks.


➤ Container Door and Wall Flashing Kits

➤ Gravel Guard Rubberized Flooring

➤ Exhaust Fans


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