Backyard Patio Bar with Kiosk Window made from 10ft Container

In this video, we show how to modify a 10ft container into a Backyard Patio Bar with Kiosk Window. This container was previously used for seasonal storage during winter months. They continue to gain popularity as they can be modified to meet your specific needs. Also these containers are durable, cost-effective & customizable.


➤ Man Door: Commercial grade man doors made of galvanized steel frame, steel insulated door. This includes door lever, rain drip, threshold plate, and door sweep

➤ CSM Heavy duty upper decker roof brackets.

➤ MSS Modular Sturt Systems : Self-tapping screws or bolts protruding from the exterior are a safety hazard and will render your container unshippable.

➤ Kiosk Windows: Made up of solid steel frame, very robust and secure.

➤ Upper Decker CSM Brackets: Premium Powder Coated CSM Heavy Duty Upper Decker Roof Brackets


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YouTube Video Transcript


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