8 Innovative Ways to Modify Shipping Containers | The Container Guy

Shipping containers were invented to transport goods from one area to another. But with the surplus of unshippable containers, people are coming up with creative and innovative ways to repurpose sea cans into specialized storage units, offices and homes.

Here are eight innovative ways that ISO containers have been repurposed.

Specialized storage units

Shipping containers are mainly used for storage, but depending on what you will keep in the container, you may need it modified. Especially if you are storing hazardous materials.

Many businesses (oil and energy, construction) use storage containers for hazardous materials, so they may need modifications such as vents, insulation or skids / pans to use the container efficiently.

Wildfire Management Initial Attack Container


Many businesses are using shipping containers as offices because they are secure, wind and watertight, rodent-proof and portable.

A container is more affordable and efficient than wooden structures because it can be easily customized and expandable. And, for some businesses, they may only need the office for a project. With shipping containers, you can rent from a company and have no obligation to it try and sell it yourself. And, even if you do buy it, selling an office container is easier than a traditional office because it can be ported to whoever bought it.

Start-up businesses

Start-ups and small business owners find shipping containers are more affordable than leasing a space. And, with a shipping container, they can design their business however they like.

Sea cans are great to use for start-ups or any type of business since it is a secure and strong structure. They are modular, so the owners can expand the building whenever they need more space.

Cafes, bars and retail stores are the most common shops that use shipping containers for their business.

Kiosks and pop-up shops

Shipping containers are perfect for pop-up shops and kiosks because they can be designed and modified to the customer’s specifications with doors, windows and paint. It is a safe and secure structure that protects from both the weather and thieves. The sea can is wind and watertight, and it has lockboxes to prevent break-ins.

What makes them perfect for pop-up shops and kiosks is its portability. You can easily place all of your items within the container when you're done and then transport it from one destination to another without having to remove anything from the container.

Shipping Container Kiosk

Swimming pools

Shipping container pools are becoming very popular. People are generally drawn to this kind of pool because of its affordability, quick installment and aesthetic appeal. It’s also portable, so if the owners happen to move, they can take their pool with them.

Houses / cabins

Container houses are becoming a popular trend in today’s society because it is more affordable than a traditional house and is eco-friendly--although some people would disagree with that.

A container home or cabin can be modified to a customer’s specifications, from having a simple layout and only using one container, to using multiple containers to build a bigger and more elaborate house. People also love that container homes are portable. Whether you move and want to take your house with you or you’re selling it, you or the new owner can move it to it's next location.

Studio / hobby room

Some people modify their sea can into a studio or hobby room. If you need a space to play your music, create art or sew peacefully, a container is a great structure to redesign for your specific needs. Or, if you just need a room for relaxation--a man cave or she-shed--shipping containers are great to seclude yourself in from everyday life when you need it.

Snowmobile Warm Up Shack

Modular farms

Modular farms are becoming more and more popular in our time, especially with the unpredictable weather that can ruin crops and having to keep up with supply and demand.

Modular farms use the vertical farming method and grow crops within a container. Container farms doesn’t use sunlight, soil or pesticides, and the plants don't need as much water. It can be grown year-long and does not require acres of land.

Many farming businesses, especially ones close to the city or within city limits use modular farms to help supply the growing demand for crops and vegetables.


These are only a few innovative ways that containers have been modified; there are still so many other creative ways that people are repurposing sea cans.

All it takes is an idea and a vision and anything is possible. Even bleachers: