The Pros and Cons of Container Modification World's Shelving Units | Shipping Container Shelves

A shipping container is a great storage solution. Whether you are moving to another house, renovating it, storing important valuables, or storing tools at a construction site, sea cans are the first choice for many people. But how do you make the most out of a shipping container?

Shipping containers are usually used for storage because of its large open space and durability. But, depending on what you are storing, you may find that your container gets disorganized really fast or that there is a lot of open space not being utilized. This is where shelving comes in.

Having shelves installed inside your sea can is a sure way to help you fill up the container more efficiently. And, if at any time you need to take anything out of the container, having your items on shelves will make the storage unit easier to navigate.

What kind of shelving options are there?

At Container Modification World, we have three shelving options you can choose from. We have pipe racks, bolt-on shelving brackets and D-ring shelving brackets. Each option has its pros and cons, but you can choose the best one that works for you and your container.

Pipe rack

The CSM (Container Strut Mount) Pipe Rack is designed to secure to a strut with ⅜” bolts and spring nuts. To install, it requires CSM brackets and struts. We don’t sell the struts, but you can easily buy them at a hardware store.


  • Bolt-on application (no welding required)
  • Handle 200 lbs per arm
  • Fully adjustable along the strut
  • Three sizes available: 16”, 20” and 24”


  • It curves upward so shelving cannot be used 
  • Will only store items that sit horizontally on racks or wraps around it (ladders, folded tables, extension cords etc.)
  • Laborious and time-consuming to install

Bolt-on shelving brackets

The Heavy-Duty Reinforced CSM Shelving Brackets are designed to be easily secured to struts with ⅜” bolts and spring nuts. It uses galvanized steel and is durable and built strong here in Canada.


  • Bolt-on bracket (no welding required)
  • Handle 350 lbs per bracket
  • Fully adjustable along the strut
  • Use any dimensional lumber, plywood or metal shelving
  • Comes in two sizes: 9” and 18” 


  • Time-consuming and laborious to install

D-ring shelving brackets

The D-Ring Shelving Brackets are ready-made shelving that you simply hook and hang from a D-ring or lashing point. It uses powder-coated steel and is designed to use only 2 x 10 lumber. It is 22 inches deep, 5 feet tall and has three courses.


  • Handle 550 lbs per bracket
  • Quick and easy installation (no screwing, bolting or welding required)
  • Not laborious or time-consuming to install
Note: Bolt-on D-rings are available to add more shelving in your unit


    • Can’t adjust the height of shelves
    • Use only 2 x 10 lumber (not included)
    • Vertical string shelving interferes with storing capability


    These shelving options all have their pros and cons. Depending on what you need to store inside your container, one may be better than the other. Choosing the right one for you can help keep your items organized and use up more container space. You can even mix-and-match shelving to suit your needs. 

    For example, you can install pipe racks closer to the ceiling to hold ladders and flatter items, and then you can use the CSM shelving brackets for boxes and other items to sit on shelves.


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