Health Canada's Two Drink Per Week Suggestion, Not in This Shipping Container Patio Bar/Kiosk

To try and limit drinking from being a societal norm in Canada the Canadian government just limited us to two drinks per week as their recommendation. If I owned this patio in my backyard, I don't think I'd make it to Tuesday! 

I'm Channing McCorriston, The Container Guy. Here we have a container patio. We actually took a 20-foot open top container, that doesn't have a roof, they have tarps running across them, and we built a pergola on the roof. So this thing is awesome! We originally built it for a home show right here in our local town and the response was great. Everyone loved this thing, everyone wants it in their backyard, and they wanted us to build more of them. I think we are maybe at a point where we figured out how to build them better and faster.

These open tops, they are very structural, they have headers up high, so you can actually remove large wall sections. Similar to what we've done for the the serving windows here. Also, we have a roll-up door, and so this can close up. We can also mount roll-up doors or roll shutter doors over where we would serve people.

What we've actually used this for, Covid happened, and a lot of the trade shows were canceled because of it, and so we've been lending it out to friends, families, employees, and local events. A lot of people are utilizing this as a bar, and so we'd like to build more. It's great advertising for us, and for people's weddings or whatever. But the biggest issue with this, is there is no roof on it, and it gets cold, especially in Canada. I mean, we'll drink a beer anywhere, but it would be great to use our roll tarp door systems, that we utilize on the side of the containers. The same company that manufactures those, builds roll tarp doors for grain trucks and grain trailers, and so if we can utilize that system to build a removable roof, and then with our upper decker brackets or a modified version of them, build the pergola up on top. We think we can come up with a great solution that can be fully weather sealed when this thing's not in use, rather than have it full of ice and snow similar to how this is now.

So what we've done inside of this thing, is we've utilized our modular interior systems. This is kind of way back in the day when we're first getting started, but we have painted strut channel black, we did Harley-Davidson orange on the container corrugations, and then stained the lumber a nice red brown, and so it looks really good.

One thing we did wrong, we only put one screw instead of two in these boards, and so that can cause them to warp. It also causes them to slide downwards. There should have been an inch and five eighths of spacing between each one of these boards, so now we have to go in, loosen these off, and readjust these boards. As we're driving down the roads, and down bumpy gravel roads, we're noticing that these are shifting downwards, and so we need more bearing inside of this strut to hold these up. But these slats, they look awesome. It's a pretty cool architectural feel to these containers.

We've done the same system for a tiki bar that we sent to a lake, just south of the city, and that looks awesome too. So yeah, this is a great way to very quickly fabricate a kiosk or a patio for the backyard or for your acreage. You might not be allowed one right in the middle of the city, but it's a cool idea, and we'd love to build more of these. When we do, we'll make sure that we let you guys follow along! So it's a quick sneak peek of this. If you guys enjoyed this video, please help us out, give the video a like and if you'd like to see more, please subscribe to our channel and ring that bell for notifications.

Hope you learned somethin'!