Terminology within the shipping container industry often varies by geographic location. Within each geographic location, businesses have developed their own terminology. Therefore, the standardized terminology you will find across our website is based on the following:

    Interior & Exterior Sides of a Container

    • Side Wall
      • Left Hand (LH) Side Wall
      • Right Hand (RH) Side Wall
    • End Wall
    • Doors
    • Floor
    • Underside
    • Ceiling
    • Roof

    Installation Location Instruction

    When looking at the container doors, is the modification component to be installed on the LH or RH side. 

    ISO Container Components

    • Side Wall Corrugations

    • End Wall Corrugations

      End Wall Corrugations

    • Roof Corrugations

      Roof Corrugations

    • Top 60 mm tubing (Top 2x2)

      Top 60 mm Tubing

    • Bottom Channel

      Bottom Channel

    • Channel Gusset

      Channel Gusset

    • Corner Casting

      Corner Casting Top View

    • Corner Post

      • End Wall Corner Post vs Door End Corner Post
        End Wall Corner Post                      Door End Corner Post

        End Wall Corner Post   Door End Corner Post

    • Container Door Header

        Container Door Header

    • Container Door FooterContainer Door Footer

    • Door Components

      • Keepers
      • Lock Rods
      • Handles
      • Door Gasket

    • Stock Vent

      Stock Container Vent
    • D Ring

      D Ring

    Modified Components

    • Window

      • Residential
        Residential Window

      • High Security
        Shipping Container High Security Windows
      • High Security with Egress

    • Man Door
      Shipping Container Man Door

    • Roll Up DoorShipping Container Roll Up Door

    • Roll Shutter Door
      shipping Container Roll Shutter Door

    • Folding Door
      Folding Doors

    • Aftermarket Vent
      Shipping Container Vent

    • Skid

      • Loading Skid

        Below: Skid meant to simplify the loading process for winch trucks

      • Containment Skid

        Below: Skid below a container meant to contain any spilled liquid insideContainment Skid
      • Exploration Skid

        Below: Skid with heavy duty hitch and wear bars meant for extended travelExploration Skid

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