How to Store Your Furniture in a Shipping Container | The Container Guy

When you are looking into storage options for your furniture, you may come across shipping containers as an option. Shipping containers are the most secure, rodent-proof, and wind and watertight structures that will keep your items safe from bad weather and temperature changes. But what is the best way to keep your furniture safe and intact within a sea can?

Here are a list of tips and tricks that you can do to store your furniture safely for months or years.

Containers are not built for storage

Shipping containers were not built for long-term storage. It was designed to withstand different climates and weather conditions, and built strong to handle transportation by rail, truck and ship. It does not protect against condensation and heat within the sea can.

Hot and cold weather is not the optimal situation for furniture to be exposed to for long periods of time, so taking the steps to ensure your container is modified to counteract condensation and heat is a must when ordering a container.

What kind of modifications do you need to protect from condensation and heat?


One way to ensure your container is protected from hot and cold weather is insulation. Insulating your container can help control the container’s temperature so condensation doesn’t build up and the inside temperature doesn’t get too warm. By reducing the chance of condensation and heat buildup, you will protect your furniture from damage.


Another solution for condensation and heat buildup is ventilation. Having proper vents filtering out moisture from the container and keeping the airflow moving within to keep it cool will ensure your items are kept dry. Moisture buildup in furniture can cause irreparable damage, such as wood rot, mould and mildew, so taking these preventative measures will help keep your furniture in perfect condition.

We talk about the many options you have for vents in this article so you can choose the best option for your sea can.

Big Air 45 Louvered Gable Vent


Secure your container from thieves

Although sea cans are secure to prevent thieves from stealing while in transit, it is easy for thieves to break into them when they are sitting in your yard with grinders or cutting discs. So taking the preventative measures to add a high-security lock box and padlock to your container will prevent thieves from breaking into your container and stealing your furniture.


Optimizing space in your container

If you have many different-sized items you need to store, look for a modified container that has shelving. Shelves can help you store more items within the container to optimize the available space and keep the container organized if you need to search for items while they’re in storage. They can also help airflow within the container, eliminating moisture that may build up between items stacked on top of each other or placed side-by-side.

No matter what you are storing, you need to figure out how to protect the items inside and the most efficient way to do so. And with porous items such as mattresses, couches, wood, blankets and other items that hold a lot of moisture, you will need to take preventative measures to ensure your products are safe.